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Our Patients

As DoktorFizik Team, some of our patients who have been treated in our clinic are recovering and returning to normal life.

Yumni Mohammed Brain Injury

Induced brain damage after a car accident 13-year-old Libyan who Yumni of paralysis, took the first steps in Turkey.

Armağan Erdoğan Cerebral Hemorrhage

Armağan Erdoğan, who has suffered 2 cerebral hemorrhages 1 month apart, is now at the end of a 2-month rehabilitation period.

Eser Küçük Cerebral Hemorrhage

1 month after his brain hemorrhage in Cyprus, Eser Küçük was hospitalized for 2 months and returned to his normal life.

Mustafa Yılmazoğlu Cerebral Hemorrhage

Mustafa Yılmazoğlu, who suffered a brain hemorrhage during her business trip abroad, was taken to a neurorehabilitation program and returned to normal life with the methods applied.