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Hand-Arm Laboratory

In the hand-arm laboratory, basic activities like grasping, dressing oneself, and eating are re-structured in a patient with function loss in hands and arms. Robotic rehabilitation and conventional rehabilitation methods are combined for the hand-arm rehabilitation.

In patients with function loss in hand and arms, robotic hand-arm rehabilitation enables a return to a normal daily life and provides a high motivation during the recovery period.


The robotic rehabilitation devices, which uses virtual reality (VR) with the developing technology, lead the way among the rehabilitation methods used for the improvement of the function loss in hands and arms due to stroke, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.


The robotic device, which used for the hand-arm rehabilitation, is known as Armeo®Power. In this system, any repeating movement is performed by the shoulder, elbow, and wrist in every directions. In addition, the patient can be motivated and encouraged by the game software, which contains computer-assisted intensive, repeating movement programs. The repeated movements with the help of the robotic hand-arm rehabilitation enable the recovery of the impaired signaling between brain, spinal cord, and muscles. The strengthening of the muscles, decrease of the edema due to the immobility and prevention of the joint contractures are the additional benefits of this treatment method.